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3 rue Henri Baigue

F-25000 Besançon

+33(0)3 81 53 88 37

Biotech Investissement

RD-BIOTECH is now a sister company of DIACLONE and SYNABS, for a better synergy in the field of monoclonal antibodies!

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Careers with RD Biotech

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Our commitment to you

... Optimise your R&D projects


By using RD-Biotech services

- You can increase your research capacity
- You can increase your research capacity
- Reduce time and money in achieving your project goals

We achieve this by offering you:

- Customised solutions tailored to your specifications
- Flexibility and responsiveness to changes during your research contracts
- One on one direct contact during your project
- Rigorous and reliable performance monitoring at all stages
- Absolute confidentiality
- We assure you the sole ownership rights of results and products (except in special cases)
- Research Tax Credit Approval where appropriate
- ISO 9001: 2015 Accreditaion.

ISO 9001