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RD-BIOTECH is now a sister company of DIACLONE and SYNABS, for a better synergy in the field of monoclonal antibodies!

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Cell culture

Why choose RD-Biotech ?

You need a sufficient cell pool for analysis or for expression of your recombinant proteins?
You need to obtain a few mgs of recombinant antibodies by transient transfection ?
You want to develop a stable cell line ?
You want to make a cell bank ?
Whether its prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic adherent or suspension cells, primary cells, or isolated blood cells RD-Biotech will be able to help you

RD-Biotech can respond to your request:

- Expertise in cell culture for over ten years
- Excellent command of cell engineering processes for many cell types
- Provides a personalized service tailored to your needs
- An economic high quality service at short notice.


RD-Biotech has laboratories dedicated to the production of eukaryotic cells capable of providing small pilot batches to large-scale amplifications that meet the needs of its customers:

- Production of supernatant batches from a few milliliters to several hundred liters
- Provision of a few million to several billions cells per batch

The production platform offers cell amplification of many cell types, in specialised units (dedicated laboratories, clean rooms under a controlled atmosphere...)

RD-Biotech provides the cells in the desired format, depending on the intended applications:

- Frozen Vials
- Culture plates (96 wells, 24 wells, 12 wells, 6 wells...)
- Boxes of culture flasks of any volume
- Alternative solutions available on request

RD-Biotech provides an appropriate safe express delivery system along accompanied by a production and quality control report which includes:

- A test for mycoplasma
- A test of cell viability
- Stability Control

RD-Biotech expert researchers have developed cell culture systems for most experimental models:

- Amplification of cell lines
We have a strong experience in expanding adherent or suspension mammalian cell cultures using standard lines (eg CHO, HEK, HeLa, Cos etc) or lines provided by the customer
Amplification of cells according to a procedure provided by the customer or optimized by RD- Biotech.

- Production of CACO-2 cells
Expansion of these cells is performed under perfectly controlled and monitored conditions in specialised media.
Cells are supplied in 96-well plates on specific substrates, for applications in pharmacology.

- Production of primary cells (skin cells, adipocytes, keratinocytes etc...)
Adaptation of culture conditions with respect to passage number for each specific cell type.
Close culture monitoring and cell supplied in the desired format.

- Production of blood cells (from peripheral blood, cord blood, etc...)
Isolation of cells from blood samples: PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells), monocytes, lymphocytes, CBMC (Cord blood mononuclear cells)…
Cell sorting and preparation of specific cell subtypes (eg CD4+, CD34+, etc...)

- Production of cells for applications in virology

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This service includes the establishment of Working and Master cell banks stored in liquid nitrogen under controlled conditions!

- Mycoplasma test upon arrival of cells
- Monitored amplification of cells
- Preservation and storage in 1 to 5 ml cryovials (1 to 5 million cells each)
- Quality control after thawing

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RD-Biotech offers a personalised service to define the best strategy for expression of recombinant proteins or recombinant monoclonal antibodies in a host cell of choice:

- A feasibility study to determine the best expression system and to define the optimal conditions for the expression of your recombinant protein.
- Choice of the host cell line: eg HEK293, CHO...
- Various transfection protocols available such as lipofection, electroporation, etc…
- Optimisation and control of vectors : plus the in house capability for vector construction
- Adaptation to complex projects with a need for expression of different entities.

Lignées cellulaires

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RD-Biotech has developed a platform to produce recombinant antibodies or proteins in a fortnight using transient transfection in microgram to milligram quantities.

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Our sales team plus our scientific and technical experts are at your disposal to offer you what's right for your application!

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